Parole Review

We take a break from letters to students because I just got a letter.

As a victim, I am entitled to be kept up to date on Jesse’s status within the prison system including transfers, parole hearings, and even personal development stuff like classes.

I received a letter just moments ago stating that Jesse has waived his parole review for this coming June.

This was his chance to get out of the system and reintegrate into community. While I haven’t talked or written to him in a while, it seems counter to how he was when we did meet. It makes me curious to know what is really going on.

I write this as accountability. This is the kick in my¬†butt in needed to write him again. I plan to post again once I have done so with a summary of the content of the letter. If you don’t see that in the next 2 weeks, get on my case. Because I’m good at avoiding hard things.

EDIT: Since not everyone reading this has been walking with me through everything, some clarification. Jesse is the man who killed my brother, so I am registered as a victim in Canada.

Also, I don’t know if this is good or bad. If he is waiving it as an act of integrity, that’s great. If he is waiving it out of fear or because he got into some kind of trouble in prison, that is bad. That’s why I want to write.