I’m writing this in church because I can’t focus. And maybe writing this down will help.

Tonight, a young man was baptized. As he was entering the baptismal, a boy and an older man walked up on stage. I assumed they were younger brother and father. Immediately emotions were stirred thinking of my brother.

At our church, prior to each baptism, a video interview is played so we get a glimpse of who the baptized person is and of their story. The young man talked about how his life had some hard things happen when he was around 8 and 9. Stuff that was hard enough, he perceived God as being evil.

Taylor was 8 when mom was diagnosed with cancer, 10 when she died.

Beyond that, there was no other meaningful connection to the person now standing in the water, but I had become emotionally connected to him and his story.

Moments of grief pop up at strange times, cause strange connections, and distract you in strange ways.

Now, maybe sharing this will allow me to focus.